No additional tax company car with “tamper-diesel engines”

The cheating of car manufacturers with CO-2 emission figures caused much fuss. Many owners of company cars are concerned about the tax consequences for themselves, at least in cases where their cars will be in a higher tax band due to higher emissions.


However, in a recent interview for Dutch TV-channel RTL-Z the Netherlands’ minister of finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem announced that there will not be levied any additional taxes for company car users. “Deceived citizens do not have to repay the tax authorities” he said. “No citizen will receive an additional tax assessment in this respect.” (RTL-Z, 29-09-2015)


The announcement most likely will soon be captured in an official approving document. Till that time any user of a company car can trust that the Dutch tax authorities will abide the announcement of the minister.

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