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You have your (international) job, project or Enterprise and do not want to spend too much of your time with your fiscal matters. Triple E Tax is your trusted advisor, who takes care of your tax and social security issues, both in your home and your host countries. At highest quality standards. Always measure made to you. Triple E Tax, AAA quality tax assistance.

to international executives, expatriates
and employees

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As an executive manager you often have to deal with taxes more than you like. You have an international job and want to have your fiscal affairs arranged smooth, at no risk and without concerns. And in a way you do not pay more than needed. Triple E Tax takes care of your fiscal matters, aiming at fully taking away your concerns about it.


We are your trusted advisor and take
away your tax concerns from you.

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You will be assigned to another country to work on a job or project. As an expatriate or commuter, you will be faced with more complex tax and social security issues. We take care of these issues, to enable you to fully focus on your foreign job.


We have over 20 years of experience
with tax, legal and social security
assistance to inbound and outbound
expatriates and commuters.

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You as an employer needs to take care of correct payrolling the remuneration elements of your employees, in all countries involved. An incorrect salary calculation or shortage in withholding and payment of wage tax, might cause huge financial risks. We lead both employers and employees through this minefield of tax and social security rules and regulations.


Payrolling remuneration elements of
international or commuting employees
correctly in all countries involved.

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21 Feb. Dutch tax office warns for fake e-mails

The Dutch tax authorities warn for e-mails suggesting that they or Intrum Justitia are the senders. When you have received an email ordering you to pay outstanding amounts, please delete that message immediately, without opening it. It is recommended to also immediately delete it from your recycle bin.

Please take notice of the fact that the Dutch tax office never requests companies or individuals by e-mail or by phone to pay outstanding tax liabilities. 

This message has been published by the tax authorities on Friday 21 February 2014.   




15 Jan. Tax changes 2014: lower tax rebates for higher incomes

In 2014, lower incomes will slightly benefit from the new tax tables and other tax changes. Higher incomes will pay the bill, because of the further turn down of tax credits. like the general and labour related tax rebates. Maximum general levy rebate will decrease to € 1366 (2013: € 2001). Maximum labour related rebate goes down to € 367 (2013: € 550). For lower incomes tax rebates go in opposite direction: general levy rebate goes up to € 2103 and labour related rebate to € 2097.

Please download the document below to become updated about all relevant 2014 tax changes.


15 Jan. Triple E Tax, your day to day tax advisor

Triple E Tax, your personal tax advisor, officially launched its new website. Starting 20th of January 2014, our new website will be your source of information about tax developments, which might be relevant to your personal tax situation. Visit our website regularly or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.

The website also shows you which tax services Triple E Tax can offer  you. While you fully focus on your (international) job, we take care of your tax matters. Measure made to what you need. Highest standards of professional knowledge and experience. Triple E Tax, your (international) tax advisor, with triple A quality and service.

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