What does the upcoming assignment mean to my spendable income?


I will be assigned by my employer to a foreign country for a period of two year and my family stays at home. What does that mean for our tax and social security position?


During my assignment, what should I do: keep my house, sell it or give it for rent?


Close to my retirement I will be assigned for a couple of years. What does that mean to my pension situation?


We have over 20 years of experience with assistance and advise to expatriates, both inbound and outbound. We advise all kind of companies about tax aspects in relation to expatriations, both multinationals and smaller international companies, including companies who assigned their first expatriate. We assisted hundreds of expatriates with their fiscal affairs, as of the first moment their expatriation came in view till the finalization of tax returns of the year of return to the home country.


We will be pleased to discuss the tax and social security aspects of  your upcoming expatriation during an interview with you, in order for you to become aware of what you can expect, tax and social security wise, and of what should be done and arranged. In addition, we are able and very willing to assist you with e.g.:


  • a quick and detailed calculation of your new net spendable income picture, taking into account the foreign income tax aspects;
  • Cost of Living comparisons;
  • request for certificate of coverage (social security declaration);
  • advise about tax optimization  and optimization of social security aspects of your assignment;
  • advise about keeping your own house, giving it for rent or selling it;
  • correspondence address and being your proxy towards tax and social security authorities;
  • assistance with the preparation of your personal income tax returns in home and host countries.

This enumeration is far from exhaustive, so feel free to contact us with whatever question about tax and social security in relation to your assignment you might have. We will be pleased to discuss with you how we best can be of service to you.


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