My international job complicates my tax position. How can I avoid tax risks and simultaneously do not pay more tax than necessary?


What to do with my owned house during my international posting, as well as with my other property?


My employment will be terminated. How can I best take care of the corresponding fiscal consequences?


I will use own money to start new activities. What are corresponding tax consequences?


Do you recognize one or more of those type of questions? Triple E Tax will be pleased to introduce itself to you.


As an advisor to many international CEO’s, CFO’s and other Board Members, executive managers and international self-entrepreneurs, we have extensive experience with tax and social security problems you might be or are faced with. We know how to help you out. We will be pleased to be your sparring partner, your advisor who takes care of your fiscal issues on your behalf and who you can trust, without having further concerns about your tax issues.


We will be pleased to assist you with a.o.:


  • tax and financial planning with regard to your international job, project or entrepreneurial activities;
  • tax advise about optimization of your (international) remuneration package;
  • tax advise about (employee)participation schemes as well as the corresponding Dutch and foreign tax consequences;
  • tax advise about salary splits;
  • tax and financial advise about (purchase of) your own house;
  • preparation of your home and host country personal income tax returns;
  • consultation with tax and social security authorities;
  • advise about your and your family’s social security position;
  • tax advise about your pension position in relation to your international job;
  • tax advise about your company car;
  • tax advise about employment termination and severance payments;
  • advise about (finalization) of your “stamrecht BV”;
  • advise and assistance about your investment companies.

The above enumeration is far from exhaustive, so feel free to contact us with all of your tax and social security questions. We kindly discuss with you how we best can be of service to you.


Click here to directly mention your contact details. We will contact you soon.


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