About me


About me


Triple E Tax is an enterprise of Jaco Stam.


Triple E Tax offers tax services to three groups of clients.


  • Executives: (executive)managers in international business;
  • Expatriates: employees, inbound or outbound, assigned by their employers;
  • Employees: employees and their employers,to assist them in the field of international taxation and social security

I have gained experience in the field of international executive and employee taxation at one of the Big Four tax advisory offices (Deloitte), during a period of over 20 years. My daily practice offered me the opportunity to advise a lot about a wide variety of international employee and individual tax issues as well as social security issues.


During my years as a partner at Deloitte’s Global Employer Services practice, I managed several teams in the area of tax advise and compliance around international labour and social security. With my teams I served a lot of international clients, both multinationals and smaller international businesses.


In the meantime, I myself personally advised particularly executive managers as well as their employers about the often international and complex tax situations of those managers. I always followed an approach of personal attention, specific understanding of the exact fiscal situation of my clients, and a quick follow up with adequate explanation about actions taken.


With Triple E Tax I will continue this approach and will offer a really personal, made to measure approach as well as quick service at highest standards of quality. I look forward to become acquainted with you!   Triple E Tax, triple A quality in tax services to executives, expatriates and employees.





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